Lizzie Q Team Page
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Year Started: 2007

Members: Don Jay - Pork and Brisket
Laura Jay - Ribs and Chicken
Chelsea Keene - Deserts, Runner & Social Coordinator
Justin Jay - Sauce & Dirty Jobs
Lizzie - Official bone taster

Hi, I am Lizzie the dog. I love bones and threw down a challenge to my "owners" that they couldn't reproduce some ribs that they had at a BBQ contest about 4 years ago. Well not only did they get good at that, now they insist on cooking chicken (can't eat those bones) and brisket (not a bone to be had) but the pork sholder bone is nice. They had a rocking first season in competition and brought me home 3 blue ribbons and a red ribbon. But most important, they brought home bones. If you see them, please remind them to bring more bones home!!!!!

Hometown: Fountain
State: Colorado

Most wins in a year: 2 firsts in brisket and 1 in pork (2007 & 2008)

Biggest Wins: 1. 2008 brought us a new high with a win in pork and a Reserve Grand Championship at Canyon City, CO. 
2. Grand Junction, CO (2007) 1st in pork and 1st in brisket and a 5th overall.
3. Next best contest was Pueblo (2007) - first cook, first call, first place (Brisket)

2009 Recap
2009 wasn't our best year, although there was drmatic improvement on the chicken and Laura even got some top 5 calls in that category.  There were no wins in the big 4 categories although my sauce took 1st three times and was only out of the top 5 once.  Laura also scored a first place in a side dish category with her awesome cheesy grits!!!

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